Garage Sale Fund Raiser

A Fund Raiser to Honor Veterans

The Garage Sale on October 11th Friday and 12th was a huge success with over $20,500 raised in sales and donations.  With great appreciation for the time volunteers spent on this event, and for the support of the public in the form of merchandise donations, and then the sales and additional cash donations, on behalf of the area WWII veterans, we thank you all..


Donations in Memory of:

$100 in memory of Kenneth Pappenhausen

$570 in memory of Charels Sweeney

$100 in memory of Marion Lawrence Cash

$100 in memory of Jack D. Bottorff

$180 in memory of Mel Wienecke

$150 in memory of Joseph Phillip Olivieri

$5,000 in memory of Douglas J Bodner

$1,000 in memory of Delmar Meyers

$250 in memory of Jerry Johnson

$5,000 in memory of Douglas J Bodner

$445 in memory of Leonard Jensen

$487 in memory of Einar Skovbo

$425 in memory of Calvin Schmidt

Our Honor Flight History

The inaugural Honor Flight from the South Willamette Valley Honor Flight hub took place on Oct. 11-14, 2012.  Thanks to the generosity of local citizens and organizations, and in particular to that of CBT Nuggets in Eugene, OR, 58 WWII veterans were able to make this trip to Washington, D.C.  Including guardians and volunteers, each who paid their own expenses, the group totaled 105 people.

For 2013, Honor Flights were made on April 25-28, and on May 16-19.  We took 25 veterans with 27 guardians on the April Honor Flight, and 27 veterans with 27 guardians in May.

On Ocotber 3 – 6, another 50 veterans and 54 guardians & volunteers mad the trip to Washington D.C.  In our first year of operation, 160 WWII veterans had the opportunity to expereince their Honor Flight. . 

As of March 29, 2014 there are 80 WWII and Korean War veterans on the wating list for 2014.  Preference will be given to WWII veterans when filling our Honor Flights.  The first Honor Flight for 2014 will be held on May 15 – 18.  (NOTE: The May 15-18 Honor Flight is FULL. Fifty (50) WWII veterans have accepted invitations to go on this trip   A scond Honor Flight will be scheduled for October 16 – 19.  Remaining applications are being held for the October Honor Flight.  Positions on a Honor Flight are filled in the order applications are received.  Applications are being accepted from WWII and Korean War veterans who have not yet visited their Memorials in Washington, D.C.

WWII veterans make their Honor Flight FREE.  Donations are needed to raise the necessary money to make each Honor Flight a reality.  Please be generous with your support of our Honor Flight program.  See the Donations Link.